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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine of saving energy and reducing consumption, cost saving is the key

by:Hisson     2020-09-09
Shows that there are about 70% plastic machinery in China is the injection moulding machine. From the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and other major producers, production of injection molding machine are increasing year by year, account for the largest in the plastic machinery. With the rapid development of injection molding field in our country, the related core production technology application and the focus of research and development will become the industry enterprises. To understand the development trend of the core molding production technology at home and abroad, process equipment, technology application and trend for an enterprise to improve product technical specification, is critical to improve the competitive ability of the field. In injection molding industry, in 2006, the proportion of injection molds to rise further, hot runner mold and auxiliary mold level, further improve the injection mold in terms of quantity and quality have a faster development, injection mould, China's largest single set of weight for more than 50 tons, the precision injection mold accuracy has reached to 2 microns. In CAD/CAM technology gained popularity at the same time, the application of CAE technology is more and more widely. In the current production, almost all of the injection pressure of injection machine are in piston or screw at the top of plastic pressure applied by the shall prevail. Injection pressure in injection molding is to inspire, to overcome the motion resistance of plastic flowing from cylinder cavity, given the speed of filling mold melting as well as to the end of the molten material compaction. Injection molding machine, saving energy and reducing consumption, cost saving is the key injection molding machine is one of the largest plastic machinery varieties, production of China and are being assistant is also the Chinese plastic machinery exports. In the late 1950 s, China's first sound field by injection molding machine, technical content is low, but due to the equipment to use gm to produce low technical requirements of plastic daily necessities, such as plastic box, plastic bucket, plastic containers, etc. The rapid development in domestic injection molding technology, new technology, new equipment emerge in endlessly. Computer in Japan. Automation, single function, diversification of auxiliary equipment, combination more rapid and convenient installation and maintenance maintenance into will become a trend. If to reduce the energy consumption of the injection molding machine, not only can cut down the cost of production for the injection molding machine enterprise, but also can contribute to the domestic environmental protection. The personage inside course of study thinks, energy conservation and safety of injection molding products, to promote the transformation and upgrading of Chinese plastic machinery industry, construct the new industrial structure, plays an important role and positive impact. Traditional plastic machinery also has certain potential in energy saving, the design of the reason is that in the past often only focus on single machine production capacity. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, production speed is not the most important indicators, is the most important indicator of process energy consumption of unit weight products. Must, therefore, the equipment of the mechanical structure and control mode, and operating process conditions optimization design is based on the minimum energy consumption at present, the energy saving in the field of injection molding machine has a frequency converter for motor and servo motor two mature ways, the servo motor is more and more widely accepted. Servo energy-saving series injection molding machine, equipped with high-performance servo dynamic variable speed control system, in the process of injection molding pressure on different traffic, make different frequency output, and closed loop control of pressure flow accurately, realize servo motor of injection molding machine and energy saving energy demand of high speed response and the best match and automatic adjustment. General injection molding machine is to use quantitative pump oil, each action of velocity and pressure of the process of injection molding requirements is different also, it is by injection molding machine of proportional valves with the method of overflow adjust excess oil flows back to the fuel tank through the return pipe road, in the whole process, the motor speed is constant, so the oil is fixed, and because the action is gap, also not is likely to be the full load, so the quantitative oil supply is a big waste of space, according to the measured at least 35 - About 50%. Servo motor for the waste of space, real-time detection rate of pressure and flow from the injection molding machine nc system signals, motor speed required to timely adjust working condition of each action ( The flow control) , let the pump flow and pressure, just can meet the needs of the system, and in a state of action, stop the motor running, so energy saving space will further increase, so the energy-saving reform will bring to the servo injection molding machine good energy saving effect. Give some Suggestions in the first place, injection molding machine enterprises should establish export-oriented development strategy, vigorously expand exports, create conditions for their products into GuoJiChang, especially should strengthen the export advantage products, improve the a share. The research institute, encouraging more enterprises to overseas business, especially in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and eastern Europe has great potential.
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