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Vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine size to match the related problems

by:Hisson     2020-09-16
Vertical injection molding machine is pointed out that in some special conditions, the customer's moulds or products may be small but needed to shoot the quantity is big, or small amount of mould is big but needed to shoot and under this condition, manufacturers are preset standard may not be able to meet customer demand, and must carry out the so-called & other; Size distribution & throughout; , i. e. , & other; Great Wall small shoot & throughout; Or & other Small wall big shot & throughout; 。 The so-called & other; Great Wall small shoot & throughout; Refers to the original standard die unit with smaller injection screw, on the contrary, & other; Small wall big shot & throughout; Is that original standard die units with larger injection screw. On collocation, of course, also may die and injection level difference.
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