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Vertical injection molding machine is there any way the variable

by:Hisson     2020-08-03
For vertical injection molding machine a lot of people will only switch, do not know how to proceed with the mold, mechanical today to explain how about vertical injection molding machine should die. 1, install mold and thickness estimation metrics mould thimble board A stroke; B, measure mold surface and plunger plate distance; C, with the hand manipulator joint unbend mode-locked namely; D, and mould device of torsional stopper calibration plate and the distance between the template until distance than mould slightly thicker in the mould device of adjustable twisting stopper; E, operating mode with the hand until all check; F, operated by hand back the needle until oil pressure plunger fully refund check; G, stop mould installed on board; H, clamping and die velocity and pressure regulation by 30 - Between 50% ( Too much) ; I, machine clamping machine hinge completely straight; Stop mold edge template; G, machine manual type template back a little mould; K, stop tightening again try mould clamping screw machine clamping mould, the adjusting speed and pressure; L shut, then adjust the itinerary and the mould and the electrical block to adjust the M, downtime for a smooth touch thimble terminated before the thimble location in the mould thimble stroke said plunger stroke, whether to shorten to speed up the production speed of the plunger speed is too high; 2, adjusting A clamping force, operating mode with the hand straight do mould device of the check and adjust the way were thick production mould device of clamping force closed adjustable clamping mould thickness reduction degree and thicker than the mould clamping force reduce too can clamping suggest progressive die thick B, the first step until machine hinge and template column ( Green column) Produce enough clamping force check clamping cylinder pressure hydraulic system pressure gauge thrust from the clamping oil cylinder and oil cylinder pressure than put clamping force due to the general machine hinge clamping cylinder pressure and the higher the ratio, said pressure, the greater the clamping force C, a regulation clamping eed is enough to prevent shoot rubber production put front should be high clamping force transferred from mold deformation increase machine hinge load & quot;
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