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Vertical injection molding machine maintenance points in three steps

by:Hisson     2020-08-25
Vertical injection molding machine in the process of using good maintenance can make vertical injection molding machine service life growth, so it is important to maintain. Share the following injection molding machine manufacturer of vertical injection molding machine maintains the step, separated into three steps. Step one: a vertical injection molding machine, check it first, and so on various parts of the device have a preparation, in the end, to be able to turn over power to operate a vertical injection molding machine to make it. Working in a vertical injection molding machine, we have to put the cylinder temperature preheating, its purpose is to make higher operation efficiency of vertical injection molding machine. Step 2: when using vertical injection molding machine, however, demand it to use the environment clean, so that it can be very good to use. And in the process of using, also needs pay attention to avoid metal debris and other debris into the cylinder, which affects the quality of the vertical injection molding machine operation, to avoid, can increase some of magnetic material, thus able to iron impurity adsorption. Step 3: vertical injection molding machine to work, we have to conclude that data can all melt to finish within the barrel, but if a stain in the melting process, will be timely check the rubber, so that it can be a very good use of vertical injection molding machine.
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