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Vertical injection molding machine maintenance, what aspects need to pay attention to

by:Hisson     2020-08-02
Equipment used for a long time will inevitably fail, injection molding machine manufacturer today and if you analyze vertical injection molding machine fault, which aspects should be paid attention to in the process of repair? First of all, before vertical injection molding machine for maintenance, should disconnect the power supply for the next step. Second, vertical injection molding machine overhaul must be professional personnel. Injection machines of different models of different structure also has certain difference, therefore, the injection molding machine manufacturer here emphasize professional personnel to tear open outfit, the preparation of special reasonable solution. If water is of vertical injection molding machine, we need in the shortest possible time I/O computer motherboard battery from above, if not removed easily accelerate the original damage, produce more repairs. If malfunction, injection molding machine manufacturers need to remind you is, to be orderly inspection and maintenance, to avoid the late cause unnecessary trouble for us.
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