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Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer mainly plastic processing surface modification process

by:Hisson     2020-08-19
Knows in injection molding industry, plastic processing is a broad scope, technical and practical industry, in injection molding process need to use plastic raw materials, pigments, shuikou material, mold, injection molding machine and peripheral equipment, fixture, spray, all kinds of auxiliary materials and packaging materials, etc. , these give injection workshop management has brought a lot of effort and work hard. Injection molding parts processing process generally includes plastic ingredients processing, molding, mechanical processing, joint, modification and assembly, etc. , and the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer today his introduction is one of the important surface modification process. The injection molded parts processing performance of the modified usually include: mechanical modification, file, grinding and polishing process, remove burrs on the parts, burr, and fixed size, etc. ; Finishing, including coating coated on the surface of parts, solvent increase surface bright, with decorative pattern film on the surface of the products; ShiCai, including painting, printing and hot stamping; Metallized, including vacuum coating, electroplating and chemical plating silver, etc. The hot stamping is under heat and pressure, will be hot stamping color aluminum foil layer on the membranes of the transfer to the parts. Many household appliances and building products, daily necessities, etc. , used this method to obtain metallic luster or wood grain pattern.
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