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Vertical injection molding machine molding bad cause analysis

by:Hisson     2020-08-24
In the process of vertical injection molding machine for injection molding, molding bad would happen sometimes, such as air bubbles or crazing, this is what reason is caused? Below we injection molding machine manufacturers and you are analyzed. With silver lines is caused in injection molding starting too fast, or cavity of the air can't be rubber melt pressure discharge, air mixed in the rubber, makes the products normal loading not produce field of color, is the so-called shot. These gases mainly because of the melting body of gas in the plastic sample. The gas source has three aspects: 1. Plastic shot containing water and oil; 2. Raw material thermal decomposition; 3. The air. On the injection molding technology, there is a way to prevent radiation lines. Make the mold in the structure of the pressure equipment, and a compressed air into the hole. After clamping the compressed air into the mold, mold clamping pressure increased. When molten plastic into the high pressure mold, mold pores in some begin to exhaust, keep within the cavity pressure, increase the air pressure in the mold, avoid beam lines. Vertical injection molding machine to ensure product quality, must analyze the reason, the above introduction and analysis of injection molding machine manufacturer and you these reasons, you understand?
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