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Vertical injection molding machine of plastic additives

by:Hisson     2020-07-24
Plastic additives in the process of production has a very important position, it is not only to improve efficiency in the performance of the production, application, also can reduce costs, and guangdong below together to learn about the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer. 1, vertical injection molding machine, the temperature of the foaming agent plastic foaming agent is a specific can gasification low molecular organic compounds, such as the dichlorodifluoromethane; Or heating gas will outbreak of organic compounds. These gases in the vertical injection molding machine plastic substrate, forming many small bubbles of the structure of the foam. 2, vertical injection molding machine can improve the flame resistance of plastic flame retardant. Contain flame retardant plastics have self-extinguishing, or burning speed reducer, etc. Commonly used antimony oxide, aluminum, boron compounds, halide, phosphate and tetrachlorophthalic anhydride, Australia four benzene anhydride, etc. 3, vertical injection molding machine lubricants, lubricants is to improve the plastic thermoforming product demoulding, improve surface finish and adding material. Commonly used lubricants are: stearic acid and its salt, paraffin wax, synthetic wax, etc. 4, the increase of vertical injection molding machine material and packing in a lot of plastic, with packing occupy a large proportion of the reinforced material, especially reinforced plastics and plastic materials. Main goal is: to improve the strength of the plastic and rigid, general to join all kinds of fibre materials or inorganic material. Commonly used reinforced material has: fiberglass, asbestos, silica, carbon black, silicate, calcium carbonate, metal oxide, etc.
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