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Vertical injection molding machine of small vertical injection molding machine preparation and operation

by:Hisson     2020-09-22
At the time of each enterprise operating small vertical injection molding machine, we all have to do the preparation and maintenance of operation, that what we need to prophase preparation and maintenance? Below to share by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer. Vertical injection molding machine operation: 1, vertical injection molding machine mold: push move mould organization to the highest level, the plastic mold in a mobile template, unscrew the fixed template, proofreading and plastic mould on the mould and fixed template. Tighten screw, tighten under the plastic mold die on mobile template, transfer mode organization, to check the mould orientation is correct. 2, cylinder heating: on of the electric switch electrical control box, inside the cylinder to plastic, abundant heat melt plastics. 3, injection operation: through the electromagnetic valve of 8 make move mould organization rise and plastic mold closing, through to the electromagnetic valve 6 to injection molding press plunger into the cylinder. After the injection through the electromagnetic valve 6 injection plunger withdrew from the cylinder pressure, through the electromagnetic valve after 8 reduce move mould organization, can open plastic mold release. Vertical injection molding machine maintenance: 1, to check the hydraulic oil storage condition is not enough, should make up for in time, when a lack of oil should always stick to clean. 2, lubricating points according to the rules of regular lubrication, clean the filter regularly. Around the machine to clean, shall not make dirt into the tank. After 3, the use of the machine should be on the dirt rub-up, lubrication appearance should be greased. 4, time to see some electrical appliances, to remove dirt, oil, dust, adhere to the electrical contact cleaning, often wipe out the joint on the dirt and dust. Small vertical injection molding machine operation preparatory work: 1, to check the machine parts and electrical control box is outstanding. 2, check the oil level of hydraulic oil, oil storage is not enough, a motor survey axial plunger valve oil is normal or not. 3, turn on cooling water cooling water valve. Finally, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that at the time of our injection molding machine operation must be carried out in accordance with the process safety operation, so as to make the service life of the injection molding machine, the most important thing is to safety production.
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