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Vertical injection molding machine of the vertical molding machine used in the examination

by:Hisson     2020-09-05
In our daily use in the process of vertical molding machine, maintenance is very important, so we must pay attention to its management and maintenance. Before use or in use or after use, to inspect the equipment and do a inspection record, also want to do daily maintenance work, so as to make vertical molding machine service life growth. Will come down by vertical injection molding machine factory to explain how the vertical molding machine do you check the relevant methods. We in the use of vertical molding machine, we must pay attention to its management and maintenance. Whether in use before, during and after, to inspect the equipment and make records. Also want to do daily maintenance, so as not to shorten the service life of vertical molding machine. Vertical molding machine using the check at the start of the overflow valve to confirm to the lowest pressure, the pressure regulating handle unscrewing, inching again there is normal: about the oil pump to observe whether can give oil, such as pump whether there is abnormal sound, pressure gauge whether severe fluctuations, etc. ; Adjust and check the regulation of overflow valve pressure, whether can continuously even lift, all is well and then transferred to set pressure; The oil temperature, the pump shell temperature, electromagnet temperature check: the oil temperature in the 20 & deg; C - 50° When C is normal, the pump shell temperature is higher than room temperature 10 & deg; C - 30° C is normal, the temperature rise of the electromagnet by electromagnet shown in nameplate; The spill check: pump combined with noodles, output shaft, pipe joint and oil cylinder piston rod and the end cover junction, the place such as tank of each side, each valve installed class components surface, installation of screw thread and flange spill situation such as check; Noise vibration check: oil pump whether & quot; Giggling & hellip; … ” Sound, with or without magnet & quot; Buzz & hellip; … ” , pipeline with and without vibration, the impact of the cylinder when the presence of reversing, piping vibration is loose, and so on and so forth;
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