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Vertical injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine safety system of inspection steps

by:Hisson     2020-09-04
Vertical injection molding machine for injection molding enterprise essential equipment, its security is very important, in order to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, vertical injection molding machine factory suggest manufacturers specifications in strict accordance with the manual operation, the operator must be safe before starting the system testing work. So, vertical injection molding machine safety system of inspection by which steps? By the analysis we give everybody with next. 1, check the safety door and shielding. Check safety door and shielding are in good condition, complete, placed in the designated position; Check whether the exit of the pulley is normal, pulley and slippery course are in good condition; Check the door to see if there is any breakage, crack or desoldering; Check whether exit stents and firm, if there's any loose for safety by the door frame, remove or damage; Check to see if the block is layering and firm, with and without fracture; Check whether shielding and firm, after a period of fuse box, whether insurance cover net cover, installation; Check the security guard plate height is in line with the above standards, welding or joint fracture, loose. 2, check the mechanical safety device. Main check clamping safety lock device. Check whether the mechanical safety lock is good, strong, and presence of desoldering, loose, etc. Check the safety bar ( Bumper) Installation is firm, do you have any loose or mobile collision and brush hair paint, etc. 3, check the electrical safety devices. Primary check safety door limit switch, stop button, etc. Check the safety door limit switch, mainly check the security door lock mould limit switch, before the exit insurance limit switch and the back door limit switch action is sensitive, installation is firm, control is correct, check whether there is a failure, loose and damage. 4, check the hydraulic safety devices. Specific operation is: in the process of manual clamping action, press the hydraulic safety lock valve trolley or handle, observe whether clamping action is to stop immediately, if stop, it proved that hydraulic safety protection and reliable; To hold down the hydraulic safety lock valve trolley or handle, operation manual clamping again, observe whether clamping action is to stop, if stop to be not moved, the protection operation reliable, if you have the mould or the open action, suggests that there was a problem with the oil machine, need to repair. Using the same procedures after checking the security. Finally, have pointed out that this is the vertical injection molding machine factory hydraulic machine need to check safety lock device, hydraulic safety device safety door open to control the clamping oil pressing valve movement.
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