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Vertical injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine toggle lever mechanism of how to optimize the design

by:Hisson     2020-08-30
Vertical injection molding machine toggle clamping mechanism is a many design variables, the movement is very complex. Next by vertical injection molding machine factory for you about the vertical injection molding machine toggle lever mechanism of how to optimize the design. Used by trial and error design drawing and calculation very voluminous, cost a lot of design time, although the designers to choose from a number of possible design a better solution, but this kind of design method for the lack of quantitative expression of design goals, design parameters and can not be obtained by strict, accurate optimization calculation. Can only use analogy methods, the result is not satisfactory, there is still any room for improvement in design. So, toggle lever mechanism designed by optimum design method is an inevitable trend, it can satisfy people of mechanical design is more complex, more precise requirements. 1. The establishment of the mathematical model for the design of different models of vertical injection molding machine toggle lever mechanism, the objective function different nature. Design of large and medium-sized machines, the objective function generally take minimum axial size, because it can not only reduce the size of the machine, but also in processed products, low energy consumption, and save time. 2. The selection of optimization method and the block diagram optimization method is a very important problem. Complex method does not need to request derivative, also need not one dimensional search method, the nature of the objective function and constraint function has no special requirements, is a direct solving method. Simple program, fast convergence and good effect, the design problem of nine dimensions, it is very effective. 3. Conclusion of vertical injection molding machine in the actual design work, design with the drawing trial and error method, USES design personnel of a lot of time, and inaccurate. And according to the optimization design method, satisfactory results are obtained, and the whole block good commonality. On the top and bottom varus hyperbolic toggle clamping mechanism, can use the program, thus solve the spends a lot of time can't solve design problems.
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