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Vertical injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machinery hydraulic proportional control unit is analyzed

by:Hisson     2020-09-01
Vertical injection molding machine according to the selection of hydraulic components, injection molding pressure, flow rate control can be divided into the throttle control and volume control. Here, vertical injection molding vertical injection molding machine to share with you the analysis of the mechanical and electrical hydraulic proportional control unit. ( 1) Throttle control mainly through proportional valve, according to the principle of throttle to control inflow flow or pressure, the characteristics of dynamic response is fast, can make use of the constant pressure oil source control different actuators ( The hydraulic cylinder or motor) And load. Therefore, throttle control structure is simple, easy to operate. However, there is also a large power consumption, low system efficiency is insufficient, so much for small power occasion. ( 2) Volume control main through hydraulic valve control variables of the pump body, adjust the flow or pressure of variable pump, and used to perform components ( The hydraulic cylinder or motor) And load, energy saving, low consumption, high efficiency, Up to 90%) Wait for a characteristic. Deficiency is the system dynamic response is poor. Therefore, volume control only applicable to dynamic performance requirements is not high, high power hydraulic transmission system in C finally, vertical injection molding machine is pointed out that for certain applications, pressure control can usually by proportional pressure control valve or electrohydraulic proportional constant pressure pump, flow control, select proportional throttle valve, control valve and directional valve. Electro-hydraulic proportional variable pump or hydraulic motor more extensive application in the power system, also can realize the load speed through the pressure valve control.
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