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Vertical injection molding machine operation not forming factors of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-11-29
In everyday use in the process of vertical injection molding machine, how to work problems, one is work process problems, then by the injection molding machine factory for you about the homework is not the four factors of forming. ( 1) Low injection pressure, injection time is short, piston or screw back too early. The molten plastic viscosity under low operating temperature is higher, mobility is poor, should give or take an injection with high pressure and speed. In the system of ABS colorful parts, for example, not high temperature resistance of the colorant limits the heating temperature of barrel, it will be in a higher than normal injection pressure and injection time to compensate. ( 2) The injection speed is slow. Injection speed about some shapes mixed and disorderly, large thickness change, process long finished products, as well as the high viscosity plastic such as increasing patient ABS has the meaning of very prominent. Was elected with high pressure can not be filled with the finished product, should consider to choose high speed injection ability overcome shortcomings of discontent. ( 3) Temperature is too low. Barrel front end temperature is low, the molten material into the cavity because the mould cooling effect and make the viscosity rise to prematurely gets out of activity, hinder the on the far side of filling mold; Barrel after a period of low temperature and viscosity of hard plastic activity, hindered the forward of the screw, the results meet the pressure on formation pressure gauge shows look and actually under low pressure low melting into the mold cavity; Nozzle low temperature could be fixed when feeding nozzle heat and cold mould lost touch for a long time, maybe the nozzle heating coil heating lack or touch bad forming temperature is low, material may block mould filling channel; If die without a cold slug well, with self-locking nozzle, choose after charging procedure, the nozzle is to adhere to the required temperature; Just switched on when the nozzle is too cold can sometimes made outside heating to speed up the flame gun nozzle heats up. ( 4) Feed conditioning not satisfactory, lack of materials or materials. Banning of measurement or control of feeding system operation is not normal, and the limit of the injection mould or operating conditions in an injection cycle disorders, plastic small back pressure or barrel inside small grain density could form a lack of material, aggregate on large particles and a lot of space and the crystalline volume change large plastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon plastic such as ABS and high viscosity should be adjusted higher feed rate, feed temperature on the high side should be adjustable for big shoes. Injection molding machine factory to remind you when the barrel end material stock too much, the injection screw it takes more injection pressure to pressure rating, promote excessive hoarding within the barrel, it greatly reduces the useful shot into the cavity of the plastic pressure and make the finished product to overflow.
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