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Vertical injection molding machine price influencing factors

by:Hisson     2020-08-26
Vertical injection molding machine how many money a client in the purchase of injection molding machine is the one of the most attention problems, need to buy what kind of vertical injection molding machine, what needs to be used for production, material is what are the factors related, today we machinery and you summarize about vertical injection molding machine price related factors. 1. Determine the required clamping force to check parts height, wall thickness, material, core and the projective plane, to determine the required clamping force. 2. Vertical injection molding machine injection unit selection decision one unit with sufficient volume, can accept the injection volume of injection. General selection is required for injection somewhere between ten percent to eighty percent of the total capacity. 3. Vertical injection molding machine according to the wall thickness, process cycle time, gate thickness, rib and flange, decided to roughly the filling, packing and cooling time, according to the component height ( Clamping stroke) , cores and slide valve action and any necessary components of effluent, roughly clamping transverse decision time and effluent of parts, this will help to determine the specification operation of injection molding machine. 4. Vertical injection molding machine output per hour of weight to verify the selected unit to produce the required output, production output pounds per hour. If the selected unit weakness to production, increase the length diameter ratio, after review again. If increased length diameter ratio is not working, and can increase swelling injection unit size and screw implant diameter, then again to verify the results. 5. Vertical injection molding machine clamping pump group selected by use of the extraction yield and the standard extrusion machine, injection unit, decided to extraction and spiral screw to fill or fill the minimum value of time. 6. Vertical injection molding machine clamping speed up fixed machine clamping and dry cycle performance is enough to reach to the required performance. If required more work performance, to determine whether more rapid speed of transverse share and/or use, check the increase rate of clamping pressure and take up decision.
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