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Vertical injection molding machine products have black spot treatment!

by:Hisson     2020-07-28
Vertical injection molding machine production products are black spots processing methods: vertical injection molding machine in daily production will inevitably be in the injection molding operation products have black spots, so we in the usual must be separated so for a period of time to clear up vertical injection molding machine, specific how to do? Below and let's learn about the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer! 1, normally we should pay attention to check the cleaning more screw, cylinder. Screw once appear, carbon deposit or dust will lead to produce products appear black spots, cause the product is unqualified, waste materials and waste of time. 2, cylinder carbon deposit and auxiliary machinery is not clean, the product also can appear some black spots. So we need to check whether there is any dust on feeding machine, in a timely manner to polishing material tube and clean auxiliaries, avoid appear this kind of circumstance. 3, point glue nozzle component corrosion, is also one of the cause of product appear black spots. Check points glue nozzle, check whether glue nozzle component corrosion, is it need to replace glue nozzle components. 4, shoot tip in a carbon deposit, this is the most prone to vertical injection molding machine to produce products have black spots, it is going to clean up the replacement of shoot tip. 5, check the raw material, when unclean raw materials, just need to change the raw material. Not because the quality of raw materials is also lead to various problems, it's not just the problem of products appear black spots. 6, the temperature is too high, too much melt back pressure is one of the reasons. Solution is check paragraphs temperature, appropriate cool back pressure reduction. Above is from our mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to bring solutions, products appear black spots, focus on vertical injection molding machine in 16 years, specializing in the production of sales: AC/DC spark plug injection molding machine, mobile phone box in the injection molding machine, the connector is special injection molding machine, two-color disc injection molding machine, halogen free special plastic injection molding machine, injection molding machine, plastic injection molding machine, etc. Are you buying a place of choice for vertical injection molding machine!
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