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Vertical injection molding machine safety considerations

by:Hisson     2020-08-12
For vertical injection molding machine in operation, the operator needs to pay attention to in various aspects, here we share with you about the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine manufacturer the matters needing attention in the process of use. 1. When installing the mold must confirm the correct installation, strong; Before the mould clamping, must confirm the nozzle can't highlight on the template under the plane, so as not to damage the machine. 2. Alternately, the operator or the start of the homework before confirm the action of normal chain and the safety control of vertical injection molding machine operation. 3. When the hand or as a part of the body to the mould, must under the motor to stop running state; Not in direct contact with the heating mould with the hand, be sure to use heat resistant gloves. Not from nozzle injection plastic by hand contact. 4. Around the vertical injection molding machine should always be kept clean, prevent falls in with a plastic, oil and water fall when walking on the ground; Do not place any items on vertical injection molding machine. 5. In the process of operation, do not touch any active position of the vertical injection molding machine, in case the task; Do not wear gloves operation key, push the wrong case, lead to vertical injection molding machine accident actions; It is strictly prohibited to two or more persons at the same time operating vertical injection molding machine. 6. Homework must be focused in the process, it is strictly prohibited to hand into the danger zone objects and tools; Found with abnormal sound, vibration, must immediately stop after find out the reason and ruled out, can continue to work. 7. Vertical injection molding machine for maintenance or repair work, be sure to cut off the power of the vertical injection molding machine, confirm temperature reducing homework once fully, and hung ban on electricity. 8. Operators and maintenance personnel must be in accordance with the vertical injection molding machine maintenance instructions and safety operation procedures and other documents, vertical injection molding machine and vertical injection molding machine running safely, especially should attach great importance to the examination and use of safety devices, to guarantee the normal work of the vertical injection molding machine safety. 9. Because of the nozzle and heating cylinder around the present state of high temperature, so do not place any flammable objects around the vertical injection molding machine. 10. When cleaning the vertical injection molding machine, unavailability of smudgy dishcloth vertical injection molding machine, do not use compressed air purging vertical injection molding machine directly.
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