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Vertical injection molding machine safety operation rules

by:Hisson     2020-08-12
Vertical injection molding machine is often used in all kinds of plastic injection molding, the need to pay attention to some aspects in the process of operation, the following our brand of vertical injection molding machine manufacturers in guangdong and you simple introduction about the vertical injection molding machine safety operation rules. 1. Vertical injection molding machine loading mode: push the move mould mechanism to the highest level, the plastic mold in a mobile template, unscrew the fixed template, correction plastic mould on the mould and the screw is tightened and fixed template, put plastic die mold fastening on mobile template, run move mould institutions, check whether the mold position is correct. 2. Vertical injection molding machine its cylinder heating: electric control box of the electric heating to switch, will pour into plastic tube, heating for fully plastic melt. 3. Vertical injection molding machine operation: through the electromagnetic valve of 8 let move mould institutions rise and plastic mold closing, through to the electromagnetic valve 6 to injection molding press plunger into the cylinder. Injection molding is completed through the electromagnetic valve 6 injection plunger withdrew from the cylinder pressure, through the electromagnetic valve of 8 institutions declines, the moving mould, can open the plastic mold demoulding. About the vertical injection molding machine operation, there are many aspects need to adjust and control technical personnel, to learn more, please consulting & other; Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer & throughout; 。
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