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Vertical injection molding machine screw mixed color bad treatment

by:Hisson     2020-07-16
Vertical injection molding machine screw mixed color bad processing method: 1, first of all, let's go to check the quality of the toner, whether material there is a problem, if you need timely replacement material, for injection molding. 2, second, check the actual temperature of the injection molding machine and material about the same, as the demand is the temperature of the temperature is too low to high temperature. To keep its temperature. 3, check the back pressure of the pressure value, no back pressure is too low, not too high. In general are back pressure is too low, need to increase the back pressure. For injection molding production. 4, there is likely to be mixed time short. No stir well, so we need to pay attention to the mixing materials of the time, with longer mixing materials time or change into a mixing head, achieve the result that we want. 5, check the screw rotation speed, the speed is too low, also can lead to bad colors blend in the vertical injection molding machine screw. Increasing the screw rotation speed, can be very effective to solve the problem above is our mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer of vertical injection molding machine screw mixed color brings you bad treatment, we are focusing on mechanical 16 years vertical injection molding machine, there are many styles, such as: wire plug injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine, halogen free vertical injection molding machine, mobile phone box in the injection molding machine, double color disc injection molding machine, single and double skateboarding injection molding machine and so on. In need can go to our website advisory details.
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