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Vertical injection molding machine screw skid process Settings

by:Hisson     2020-07-16
Vertical injection molding machine screw skid will cause the material degradation, and then influence the quality of the product. To most users want to know more about to screw the cause of the skid? How & other; Catch & throughout; Sliding screw? Below for you by vertical injection molding machine manufacturers. When sliding screw attack, the material may be set in the feeding mouth, to the end of the normal to the injection machine. Being in the machine barrel screw rotation and back to transport material and prepare the next time the injection, screw slippage in plasticizing period will attack. At this point, the rotation of the screw still linger, but the screw's axial sports suspension, skid or attack. Screw skid will often cause injections before the material degradation, the quality of the product will decline, Such as lack of material) And shape cycle will be extended. Screw skid reason is various, with high back pressure, cylinder end hot or too cold, cylinder or screw wear, charging period of screw thread too shallow, hopper planning is not reasonable and hopper is blocked, resin, resin damp too smooth, material is too thin resin and reworked material might not reasonable elements such as the cut. Process set up the cylinder end too cold is one of the main reason caused the screw slippage. Material barrel of injection machine is divided into three segments, in the end, the feeding section, aggregate in the process of heating and austerity, will form a layer of the melt film glued to the screw. Without this film, aggregate is not simple is transported to the front. Feeding of material, it is necessary to be heated to critical temperature to form the key layer of the melt film. But, generally the material in the charging period of time is very short, can't reach the requirements of the temperature. And this kind of situation usually on a small injection machine. Stay time is too short to form polymer melting and mixing process of incomplete, then the screw skid or stall.
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