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Vertical injection molding machine should check before use?

by:Hisson     2020-08-25
Vertical injection molding machine before use, must have good habits of daily check, because the daily inspection is the prerequisite of injection molding machine safety in production. What are injection molding machine should check the note? Summarized as follows: 1, check the power supply voltage is not meet the requirements of operation, regulation is not usually greater than & plusmn; 15%; 2, check the urgent stop switch, the switch on the front and rear door is in a state of no exception. Confirm the direction of rotation of the motor and oil pump rotation direction is consistent; 3, view the activity location have on lubricating oil, and the note into plenty of lubricating oil; 4, check the cooling pipe to have smooth, and the oil cooler and barrel at the top of the cooling jacket into the cooling water injection; 5, need to test to check the electric control box is there water or oil into the inside, if appliances appear be affected with damp be affected with damp, remember don't implement the boot operation. Need to notify the maintenance and repair personnel after dry electrical components and then start; 6, start, electric heaters, warming in barrel paragraphs. When the temperature of the paragraphs to satisfy needs, and then practice the operation of temperature for a period of time, in order to let the machine temperature tends to stable. Holding temperature time according to the different equipment and different raw material requirements and change; 7, need to cover the barrel on the insulation plate, which can not only save power, at the same time to increase the use of electric heating coil and contactor deadline. 8, in the hopper add plenty of plastic raw materials. According to the different needs of different injection plastic, some raw materials need to be the best way to dry processing;
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