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Vertical injection molding machine structure function classification

by:Hisson     2020-07-19
Functional classification of vertical injection molding machine, a total of six kinds of vertical injection molding machine structure system: injection system, the clamping system, hydraulic system/hydraulic drive system, electric control system, heating/cooling system, lubricating system. 1: injection system as the main one of the important function, there are three main forms are: plunger type of screw, screw, plastic injection plunger type. And the most widely used is screw type. The effect is that, in the process of circulation of the plastic injection machine, can be within the prescribed period of time after a certain number of plastic heating plasticizing, in certain pressure and velocity, through the screw will completely melt into the mold cavity. 2: the clamping system is mainly composed of clamping device, mould frame, ejection mechanism, before and after the fixed template, mobile template, clamping cylinder and not more than seven kinds of safety protection agency. Clamping system is closed, open and ejection products moulds. Closed in the mold for mould clamping force enough, enough to resist the molten plastic into the cavity and prevent mold cavity pressure produced by the slit, products caused by defective products. 3: hydraulic system/hydraulic drive system mainly by each kind of hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, the power source is the oil pump and motor. Control all kinds of oil pressure and flow, which can meet the requirements of the injection molding process. Its role is to implement all the requirements of injection molding machine according to process the action, and meet the vertical injection molding machine parts required pressure, velocity, temperature and other requirements. 4: vertical injection molding machine electric control system by the electrical control system with the reasonable hydraulic system, which can realize the process of injection machine requirements for pressure, temperature, speed, time and action program to cooperate with each other. Its mainly composed of electrical appliances, electronic components, instrumentation, heater, sensor, etc. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, adjustment is four kinds of general injection control mode. 5: heating/cooling system, heating system is mainly used for heating cylinder and injection nozzle, generally USES electric heating circle as a heating equipment, installation, the outside of the cylinder and the thermocouple segmented detection of injection molding machine. To provide material plasticizing is the source of heat through the wall formed by the thermal conductivity; The cooling system is mainly used for cooling oil temperature, oil temperature is too high can cause a variety of failure occurs so that the oil temperature must be controlled in a timely manner. Cooling position near the feed opening feed tube, is to prevent the next mouth melting raw materials, raw materials can't normal blanking and congestion. 6: the role of lubrication system is a dynamic template for vertical injection molding machine, the place such as mould device, connecting rod machine hinge parts provide lubrication conditions, where there is relative motion loop, is convenient to reduce energy consumption and improve the life of the parts, lubrication can regular manual lubrication, but also the automatic electric lubrication this in two ways.
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