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Vertical injection molding machine teach you direct pressure injection molding machine maintenance essentials

by:Hisson     2020-08-05
With the rapid development of machinery industry, injection molding machine in the field has become the field of processing industry. So in the process of we use, must want to know how to maintain injection molding machine, so as to make the life of the injection molding machine for a long time. Vertical injection molding machine factory will teach you the following direct pressure injection molding machine maintenance essentials. 1. In addition to the plastic pigments and additives, don't put anything into hopper 2. Feed tube temperature not exceeding a preset temperature, do not start the melt glue and loose 3. Should be taken before downtime 4 clear plastic will melt within the cylinder is in order. 5 check the nozzle wear. Preventive maintenance center of the nozzle 6. Shot machine regularly check whether the slide rail fixed screw and slide retaining screw locking 7. Check shoot moving oil cylinder body and whether fixed clamp screw locking 8. Regular cleaning material pipe cooling ring and keep the waterways are clear. Feed tube please use soft water cooling ring, can put the lead softening water quality within the water storage tank 10. Check the screw sealant function of synthetic 11. Pay attention to check connected to electric heating wire locking screws and 12 safety protection measures. Close to the nozzle of the electric leaf must keep not plastic cover the 13. Check the electric leaf work 14. Visual sensor wire splice case 15. Pay attention to the electric leaf not polluted by plastic or dust accumulation is 16. Check whether shot plastic optical ruler gear and rack fixed loose, and keep contact surface clean 17. Check the limit switch is loose 18. Regular inspection will feed tube fixed nut matter 19. Regularly check whether shoot rubber screw clamp loose 20. Regular inspection check shoot rubber piston rod fixed nut locking 21. Regularly check whether material pipe nozzle and flange lock 22. Check periodically melt fixed screw locking 23 motor ontology. Keep the mechanical sliding surface clean 24. In all lubricating points on a regular basis with appropriate lubrication, specified using the NO. 2 grease to ensure they have adequate lubrication to the mechanical copy each of the 25. Clear out the machine surface oil and debris.
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