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Vertical injection molding machine teach you injection processing and injection mold design planning requirements

by:Hisson     2020-08-06
The injection molding machine and injection molding processing, injection molding machine and injection machine. It is the thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Divided into vertical, horizontal, full battery. Made of melted plastic injection function heating plastic, under pressure, injection and make it full of mold cavity. Then teach you by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer injection processing and injection mold design planning requirements of some relevant knowledge. The standardization of injection mold design requirements: 1. Less than 2020 mold, between a and b plate needs to be done to pry die pit; Greater than 2020 mold all template including plunger plate to do pry die hole. 2. Mold base guide pin guide sleeve to processing exhaust slot, in case of a guide pin guide bush strain. 3. Mold can not have sharp corners, need chamfering processing. Unless specified place. 4. In die and mold parts without consent shall not be welding. 5. The outside of the mold must be in place to open vent groove, vent groove specifications, please refer to the manual mold design. 6. As far as possible avoid the use of grinding machine grinding on the mould, if you use polishing machining, must use light oil stone province ( Especially the parting surface) 7. Internal model glue plane surface treatment must be in accordance with the bom list, or other formal notification of technical requirements. The rubber processing lines on the surface of the ( Thread cutting, milling machines, CNC gongs bed, spark machine) Also want to use light oil stone province. 8. All internal mold material, mold level requirements must be based on orders, or design review process officially confirmed the technical requirements for procurement. Must provide material certificate, if it's hard mould, heat treatment report must be provided. All the relevant certificates. 9. All the mold before and after the internal model, insert, inclined top, top, Push the block) Chicken, shovel and other needs at the bottom or side processing with a circular hole, the material name and hardness. 10. Chicken line, a block, a shovel, pumping mouth and other important easy wearing parts must be nitride and hard to handle. 11. A must have positioning. Positioning means has slingshot, a bead, hasco ( dme) Standard line clamp and so on, the specific need according to the requirements of each project. Line needs a layering, wear plate. Layering, wear-resisting board must use hard wear-resisting material, need to add oil. 12. Line a inclined guide pillar must be compact, cannot turn and loose. Inclined guide pillar hemispherical or tail must be processed into a cone shape, to ensure the normal order of the lines of a movement. On the same line a have two or more than two inclined guide pillar, the length of the inclined guide pillar, must be the same size and gradient.
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