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Vertical injection molding machine temperature how to control

by:Hisson     2020-07-22
Vertical injection molding machine, the temperature is an important in the process of plastic molding influencing factors, so this factor need to how to control? The following and let's learn about the injection molding machine manufacturer. Generally, vertical injection molding machine as thermocouple measuring temperature for temperature measuring element, millivoltmeter is temperature control equipment of vertical injection molding machine, manipulation of the cylinder and mould heating coil current on and off, has chosen to adjust the cylinder paragraphs temperature and mold temperature. Vertical injection molding machine cylinder electric heating circle there are usually two, three or four paragraphs. Vertical injection molding machine electrical ark ammeter respectively reflect the size of each section of the electric heating coil current. Ammeter reading is relatively stable, if the work appears in the current meter reading is very low for a long period of time, is likely to electric heating circle there was a problem, or poor contact wires, or heating wire oxidation and or a vertical injection molding machine electric heating coil burned, which will cause the resistance of the vertical injection molding machine circuit in parallel resistance increased and decreased current. When current meter has certain reading can also simply use vertical injection molding machine of plastic article on a vertical injection molding machine electric outside walls one by one, see article is fused or not to judge if an electric heating circle electricity or burned. Temperature of vertical injection molding machine needs to control how you learned?
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