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Vertical injection molding machine to increase the gloss of product

by:Hisson     2020-08-14
Application of the same material, with different vertical injection molding machine injection molding the same product has certain difference, sometimes the glossiness of many products, and for the products, I will add points. Vertical injection molding machine should be how to increase product gloss? Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer brand has the following analysis about this. On vertical injection molding machine in the mold of the molding, if the mold processing, is likely to cause mould scars, wear and tear, such as insufficient, it will inevitably affect the plastic parts, so when we are in process, need to pay attention to, let the roughness of the plastic parts as far as possible little, if necessary we can polishing processing. When we were in the injection molding, if the cavity surface oil pollution, water damage and mold release too much, will cause the surface of the plastic parts not gloss, so we need to promptly to deal with these factors, to limit the use of release agent. If the draft is too small, plastic demoulding difficulty, or ejection force is too large, poor surface gloss plastic, therefore, to increase the vertical injection molding machine draft. If the mold venting is not good, too much gas stays within the model, can also cause bad lustre, therefore, should check and correction mold exhaust system. If gate or port area is too small or a sudden change, in which the melt flow subjected to shear force is too large, the dynamic flow turbulence, lead to bad lustre, and should be appropriately increase the gate and port area. On vertical injection molding machine for injection molding products, there are still some aspects may affect our products gloss, so our technician wanted to keep the product luster, should pay close attention to in every respect.
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