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Vertical injection molding machine to teach you the remove operation of injection molding machine maintenance need to be aware of something

by:Hisson     2020-08-06
In use for a long time, in order to ensure the stability of injection molding machine performance, operators need to periodically according to the actual situation of maintenance, is inevitable in the process of dismantling of equipment will be required. On the other hand, when the equipment use problems, for the needs of the maintenance also can produce the above operation requirements, vertical injection molding machine operators to remind you when to tear open outfit must pay attention to the following several aspects: 1, dismantling work must be performed by the professionals. Different models is different, the injection molding machine of its equipment structure will change accordingly, so the operator before the tear open outfit according to relevant data shows that are needed to fully understand the basic structure of the equipment, combined with the actual situation step by step. 2, besides to be executed by the professional personnel, for the need of actual operation, professional equipment and tools are indispensable. Operators in the process of injection molding machine, dismantling if there is a different shape, must stay calm, according to the scientific solutions in an orderly way, step by step, rather than rely on violence and to solve the problem, they will make the problem further. 3, in the process of dismantling, the removed parts, fasteners and related parts need to be reasonable and orderly place, on the one hand is chaotic, installation time delay; On the other hand is also in order to avoid cause missing because of the negligence.
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