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Vertical injection molding machine will continue to maintain the important status in plastic equipment

by:Hisson     2020-08-17
The wide range of vertical injection molding machine due to the application of functional diversity, it will continue to keep the heaviest want to more, to 2017 will account for two 5 of the mechanical XiaoShouChang. According to a recent report shows that global plastic processing machinery field is expected to 6 every year. Growth of 9%, the field will reach $37. 1 billion in 2017. Our country is so far is still the world's largest machinery field, 29% of the 2012 world games, and will continue to lead the global demand. India is the world's fastest growing countries, occupying 12% of the world's 2013 a share. Field of view, according to the global area in central and South America's fastest-growing, followed by Africa and the Middle East. Predicts 2017, influenced by the development of the global transportation industry, Asia and the Pacific machinery maker can retain the advantages of fast delivery. In the third quarter of 2013 years ago, China's trade deficit with China reached $48. 76 million at the inlet and outlet of the injection molding machine, compared to the sharp drop in 72. 2%; In the field of injection molding machine occupies the top 10 imported 47. 7% were modified plastics. Injection molding machine is one of the largest category of commercial deficit countries molding machine field. Extruder molding machine in our country foreign trade is second only to one of the injection molding machine imported machinery. 2013 years ago in the third quarter, China's total exports extruder 9262, 2. $3. 8 billion, in the top ten largest export destination occupies 48. 2%. In recent years, with the increase of the downstream demand for plastic products, plastic machinery field overall domestic demand steady growth in our country. According to the plastic machinery & other; Five-year & throughout; Development planning, the next five years, molding machine industry will grow more than 12% per year on average, the industry gross industrial output value and sales have reached 50 billion yuan of above. Due to the current domestic activity below GuoJiChang, situation would lead to more domestic enterprises go global, can be expected, the future for a period of time, can appear plastic machinery exports hot, this competition will be conducted to domestic GuoJiChang, at that time, GuoJiChang could usher in a fierce competition and rapid growth trend. “ 3 d plastic printer will be the fastest growing plastic processing equipment, from the present situation of a relatively small field expand to other areas of the production process. With the support of the rapid growth of world architecture field, extrusion machinery sales will usher in a period of fastest growth. ” Cleveland research group says. From the subdivision of watching, 2013 years ago in the third quarter, China's cumulative entrance to Brazil, Thailand, modified plastics such as Turkey, Indonesia, the United States generally to the injection molding machine of difference, limited - in 4544 Between 49. 62 million dollars. The five China imported source to the cumulative injection molding machine in China accounts for the injection molding machine of the total amount of export 34. 8%; Since last year, China's injection molding machine import began to decline, decline of up to 18. 1%. In general, the import increase slightly, but the year-on-year growth. In 2012 China's top three injection molding machine importer of Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil respectively. Growth of thin and since this year, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand is a dramatic drop in 36. 8%, which means that the overseas injection airport development gradually strong, in the future for the injection molding machine and modified plastics overseas investment needs to be more prudent. Said in a recent study, a better atmosphere field sales is coming, from fixed investment spending and the acceleration of plastic products production. Packaging will be the biggest field, plastic processing machinery in 2017 is expected to be more than a third of the total sales. The next largest terminal will be the consumer products and construction fields.
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