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Vertical injection pilot downtime for pay attention to details

by:Hisson     2020-07-11
Vertical injection molding machine is one of the injection molding manufacturers need to use to the injection molding equipment, if need to stop for a long time, there are several considerations need to understand that the following our brand of vertical injection molding machine manufacturers to share with you. Details: needs will be cleaning the machine. Our vertical injection molding machine in use after a period of time, the plane would have some raw material powder, oil, water damage, and even waste oil is not necessary attachments, such as our vertical injection molding machine brands suggest these unnecessary attachments to wash first, and then coated with a top coat, prevent rust. Rules 2: will the hydraulic oil for processing. In the first year after use is need to change, also need to check the quality of the hydraulic oil, if has been deteriorating, tank cleaning processing, please. Detailed rules for the three: the cooling system also need to clean up. Need to clean the cooling system includes: the cooler, the cooling ring, cooling tower. Detailed rules for the four: the individual structure of mechanical check. If there's any loose for screws and nuts, parallelism between template for inspection. Detailed rules for the five: the circuit system for processing. Check all connection points for loose, indicators of each electric equipment is complete, the electrical equipment is aging, the main attention to the stain cleaning use volatile detergent for cleaning. For vertical injection pilot downtime for the main pay attention to the details of vertical injection molding machine manufacturer brand introduction of the above points do you have know?
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