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Vertical injection pilot time to stop

by:Hisson     2020-07-10
In the vertical injection molding machine stop after a period of time, we should pay attention to what matters? By the precision to explain for everybody below. 1, washing machine is used to remove the machine on the raw material powder, oil, tar, waste oil, dirt, don't send to attachments, best can again after cleaning with a top coat, this is a warranty against rust. 2, the hydraulic oil processing ( 1) Is the first year after the warranty to replace, please. ( 2) Check if the hydraulic oil quality, conform to the specifications (within the scope of 3) The hydraulic oil has been deteriorating, please to replace and clean fuel tank 3, cooling system processing ( 1) Cooler cleaning ( 2) Cooling ring cleanup ( Cylinder at the bottom of the list) ( 3) Cooling tower processing please note: when cleaning the cooling system, do not use corrosive cleaner so as not to damage the pipes, and water quality should be updated. 4, check the mechanical structure of sj screw, nut loose whether offset positioning ( 1) Template parallelism between check 5, processing circuit system ( 1) Check all wiring points are loose, secure socket is loose? ( 2) Check all appliances markup is complete ( 3) Check all appliances are aging, whether to change? ( 4) Dust, oil, water damage, please use volatile detergent to clean. Please perform maintenance work is completed, and then be antirust processing, in order to achieve the full results, and a list of records, review of project needs to be improved.
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