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Vertical silicone injection machine do you have to understand

by:Hisson     2020-07-09
We have seen in life for a variety of plastic products, the vast majority of these plastic products are all through the vertical injection molding machine injection molding, and to use most is vertical silicone rubber injection molding machine, for vertical silicone injection molding machine whether or not you have to know? Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer with us to know about the below. Vertical silicone injection molding machine, its main features are as follows: 1. LSR materials suitable for high temperature or low temperature environment, use at 200 ℃ in either high or low to - 40 ℃, the insulation of the material properties, mechanical properties and physical properties remain unchanged. 2. Gasification and aging resistance, and therefore used in outdoor applications. 3. Excellent insulation properties, suitable for high quality or high technical electronic plug. 4. Can disinfect, suitable for medical supplies and baby products. 5. Oil resistance, can be used in the oil industry. Vertical injection molding machine manufacturers more than knowledge about vertical silicon injection molding machine, do you have to understand?
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