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What about operating factors of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-18
Vertical injection molding machine as usage of the largest injection molding equipment, the production of plastic products occupies a major proportion of all plastic products and so on vertical injection molding machine in the operation of the elements? Today we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and you simply introduced. Vertical injection molding machine in the process of operation can be roughly divided into: preheating, moulding, injection, rolling, open mold, blow and flash and other processes. These processes are can be intermittent production process, to control according to the change of time and location. Because of the action of vertical injection molding machine process can more, so need to be all-round control points, and thus for the parameters of the switch. Vertical injection molding machine automation program time setting on the function to ensure the action the accuracy of the detection signal, at the end of the function on the movement reliable usefully output signal. Vertical injection molding machine to decide the quality of injection molding part is in the process of injection molding plastic injection machine parameter control, process skills, like: analog input variable method. Such as: cylinder paragraphs temperature, polymer melt temperature, screw system of temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure and the screw rotation speed and so on all need to pay attention to; Digital quantity input variables, such as screw withdrawal of bearing, bearing before and after the injection seat, templates, and super stroke as well as forward and backward movement. Using PLC skills after transforming system of injection molding machine to overcome the defects of the traditional method of open loop control end closed loop control, make the anti-jamming ability of PLC control method is a traditional method and had the very big degree of accuracy in the control. Either for the switch quantity logic control, also can both analog ( Such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, rotational speed, etc. ) The closed loop control. For the operation of vertical injection molding machine has some elements need our technicians and operators pay close attention to, such injection molding product quality can be improved to guarantee machine.
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