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What are the aspects will affect the vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-18
We live in a vertical injection molding machine is mainly used for the production of plastic products molding, and in the process of the equipment operation, what are the factors affect the injection molding? Below we injection molding machine manufacturer about the factors that simply to share with you. First of all, on the one hand, the temperature is important for vertical injection molding machine. Equipment, both to reduce the melt viscosity, the rise of temperature will improve the liquidity of the melt reduce the power consumption of the machine, and can improve the screw rotation speed appropriately. But the regulation of temperature should also be in the proper range, otherwise it will affect the injection molding process. Secondly, the melt conveying speed also as an important aspect. If it's too fast, easy to cause the melt fracture phenomenon occurs, so the injection molding machine manufacturer to advise you to keep a proper transmission speed range. Above about vertical injection molding process, injection molding machine manufacturer introduces two aspects, to learn more, please enter the url: to understand.
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