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What are the classification of the injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-18
Along with the increase in plastic products, manufacture of plastic injection molding machine type is also more and more, injection molding machine according to the injection in different ways and forms of the following categories. 1. By classifying raw material plasticization and injection mode. 2. According to the injection machine appearance classify different structures. 3. Classified according to the injection molding machine processing capacity. 4. Classified according to the special purpose of injection machine. According to the raw material of plasticizing injection form and classification, and can be divided into: (injection molding machine 1) Plunger, 2) Reciprocating screw and ( 3) Screw plasticizing injection plunger type 3 kinds. According to the injection machine structure shape is different, can divide again: ( 1) Vertical injection molding machine, ( 2) Horizontal injection machine, ( 3) Angle type injection machine, ( 4) Multimode injection machine, 5) Combined injection machine. According to the size of the processing ability to injection machine classification, can be divided into: ( 1) Subminiature injection machine, 2) Small injection molding machine, 3) Medium-sized injection molding machine, 4) Large-scale injection molding machine ( 5) Very large injection molding machine. According to the purpose of the injection machine classification, can be divided into: ( 1) General-purpose injection molding machine, 2) Exhaust type injection molding machine machine, ( 3) High-speed precision injection molding machine, 4) Plastic shoes with injection molding machine, 5) Three head single-mode injection molding machine, injection ( 6) Double injection of the first two mold injection molding machine.
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