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What are the main injection molding process parameters of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-07-27
Vertical injection molding machine for realizing precision plastic molding, product stability, production efficiency of embedded research and development for the purpose of a new generation of vertical clamping precision injection vertical injection molding machine, with high precision, stable industrial parts formability and convenient use. Is suitable for insert molding production precision vertical injection molding machine. Vertical injection molding machine main injection molding process parameters, such as the following principles: 1. Cylinder temperature, melting temperature is very important, the shot material cylinder temperature is only guidance. Melt temperature can measure at the nozzle or the use of air injection method to measure. Shot of cylinder temperature setting depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, feed rate and injection cycle. If there is no experience of processing a particular level of plastic, please start from the lowest setting. Before the start of injection molded parts, to ensure that the hydraulic oil, hopper closure, molds and material cylinder are at the correct temperature. 2. Melting temperature, melt temperature plays a main role on the melt flow of performance. Because no specific plastics, melting point, the melting point is a segment of the temperature of the molten state, the plastic different molecular chain structure and composition, and therefore have different influence on its liquidity, molecular chain rigidity affected by temperature is obvious, such as PC, PPS, and flexible chain, such as: PA, PP, PE and so on by changing the liquid temperature is not obvious, so the vertical injection molding machine injection should be reasonable adjustment of injection molded parts according to the different material temperature. 3. Mold temperature: some plastic materials due to their high crystallization temperature, crystallization speed is slow, need higher mold temperatures, some due to control the size and deformation, or the need of mold release, to high temperature or low temperature, such as PC generally requires more than 60 degrees, the PPS in order to achieve better appearance and improve liquidity, die temperature sometimes need more than 160 degrees. Therefore vertical injection molding machine mold temperature to improve the appearance of the products, shape, size, has not to appraise the effect of plastic mold. 4. Vertical injection molding machine injection pressure, melt forward to overcome the resistance, a direct impact on product size, weight and deformation, etc. Different plastic injection pressure required for different products, such as PA, PP material, such as increasing pressure will significantly improve its liquidity, injection pressure determines the density of the product, namely the gloss appearance. It doesn't have a fixed value, and the more difficult the mold filling, the injection pressure is increasing.
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