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What are the typical features of fully electric injection molding machine injection molding machine factory

by:Hisson     2020-11-14
With the rapid development of the injection molding industry, many companies have invested all electric injection molding machine, so, when we use the fully electric injection molding machine, we must to some some of its related features. Next by injection molding machine factory for you to share the all electric injection molding machine what are the characteristics of knowledge. 1, say: from the manufacturing environment fully electric injection molding machine in energy saving, environmental protection, has significant advantages, such as noise but the price is high, and the service life is not long, but the whole hydraulic impact on the environment, also has the disadvantages of big noise, large energy, but the manufacturing cost is low, maintenance is simple, in a manufacturing environment, all electric injection molding machine and the characteristics of the hydraulic press is: the characteristics of fully electric injection molding machine 1. Manufacturing high accuracy requirement, design, and high quality of outsourcing parts; 2. On the assembly requirements need advanced assembly mechanic skills support, and clean assembly operation environment; 3. Need to have a good power supply voltage; 4. If adding features, such as neutron core-pulling, then with servo motor number, cost will be higher, the maintenance cost is high; 5. Using a back pressure condition, it's easy to have a lag screw; 6. Mechanical transmission can affect the wear and tear, to use a large amount of grease; 7. Only machine hinge clamping, torsion meter and hydraulic press in addition to the general machine hinge clamping, also direct pressure clamping structure. 2, in the accuracy and reliability of the control system, hydraulic press pressure oil temperature and viscosity changes directly led to the decrease of the mechanical precision, hydraulic oil, hydraulic pipe of compressibility, elastic average accuracy problems. Above relative knowledge of the fully electric injection molding machine, the injection molding machine factory is pointed out that whether we use any type of opportunity, we must understand its related characteristics, and it will be better in the use of machinery.
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