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What are the vertical injection molding machine injection part failure?

by:Hisson     2020-07-30
In vertical injection molding machine production injection processing, very prone to some fault, the fault can be classified as the following large and small. A, can not shoot rubber generally have the following questions can be dismissed on 1, a foreign body injection port congestion; 2, split points gate; 3, injection rod breaking; 4, the temperature of the cylinder is too high; 5, the injection rod piston wear; 6, barrel temperature is too low. Second, shoot rubber very loud when general shoot rubber louder because injection too fast or rubber tube with air injection, injection of push rod if there is damage on also may lead to abnormal sound. Three, shoot out single quantity not stable 1, injection of push rod broken; 2, injection port worn; 3, the cylinder wear. Four, don't melt 1, temperature is not enough; 2, putting a foreign body inside; 3, colloid was found to be of poor quality. Five, the broken screw 1, not original push rod; 2, shoot rubber oil cylinder are not synchronized; 3, temperature not push rod is launched in advance.
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