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What are the vertical injection molding machine structure function

by:Hisson     2020-08-02
On vertical injection molding machine whether or not you know? Today we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong and introduce you to structure and function of the vertical injection molding machine, hope you know more about vertical injection molding machine. Vertical injection molding machine is divided into six systems: injection, mold, hydraulic pressure, electric control, lubrication, heating/cooling system. 1. Generally, as a major part of vertical injection molding machine, injection system are divided into the plunger, screw, the screw plastic injection plunger type three kind of main form. 2. Hydraulic system is mainly for injection molding machine running all the action in the process of power system. 3. Clamping system, its main role is to ensure that the mold closed, open and out products and prevent mold slit resulted in products of unhealthy phenomenon. 4. Electrical system with hydraulic system, can achieve the requirements of the injection machine process and each procedure. 5. Lubrication system can reduce the energy consumption of equipment, improve the service life of the unit, need on a regular basis. 6. Heating/cooling system, in which the heat is never provide heat source for material plasticizing, which is used for cooling oil temperature cooling system. Through the above introduction, about the structure and function of the vertical injection molding machine whether or not you have a certain understanding?
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