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What do you think vertical injection molding machine manufacturer of precision injection molding machine?

by:Hisson     2020-08-19
A more complex, precision injection molding machine commonly there are two indicators: & ndash; Product is the size of repetitive error, another is the product of repeated weight error. Due to different size and thickness of products is difficult to compare the former, the latter represents the comprehensive level of injection molding machine manufacturers. Next, from the analysis of vertical injection molding machine manufacturer under the precision of the injection molding machine related problems. — As the weight of the normal injection molding machine, repetitive error is about 1%, good machine can achieve O. 8%, lower than 0. 5% of precision machine, less than 0. Report in the archies of 3% for the ultra-precision machine, the international top level is less than O. 15%. Precision injection machine requires products dimensional accuracy in 0. 01 ~ 0. Less than 001 mm, many precision injection also requires injection molding machine with high injection pressure and injection speed; For clamping system has enough rigidity and clamping accuracy; Requirements for parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, measurement can control precisely to the corresponding precision; Using multilevel or stepless injection; Ensure that the images of molding process conditions and products of repeatability, etc. Repeat precision injection parts molding weight to achieve stability, consists of three aspects: repeat accuracy of plasticizing amount, the repeat precision of injection and mold temperature control performance. And affected the accuracy of these are many, the main production of injection molding machine and assembly precision, and the injection molding machine screw, electrical, hydraulic, such as the stand or fall of the original configuration, the stand or fall of mould, etc. As for you mentioned the Haitian ninja team is matched by a sea of low, and comparison of MA tianlong series, there's a better all-electric, depends on the requirements of your product.
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