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What is a plastic injection molding machine of plastic injection machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-14
The working principle of the injection molding machine and injection syringe is a bit similar, it is with the screw ( Or plunger) The thrust, will has good plasticizing molten state ( The viscous flow state) Plastic injection into the closed good cavity, after curing finalize the design the product process. Then by the injection molding machine manufacturer to explain to you what is the injection molding machine. Injection molding is a process of circulation, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative loading & ndash; The molten plasticizing & ndash; Injection pressure & ndash; Molding cooling & ndash; Rev pick-up. After take out the plastic mold closing again, for the next cycle. Injection moulding machine operating items: injection molding machine operating projects include control keyboard, electrical control system and hydraulic system operation in three aspects. Movement and feeding movement respectively by injection process, injection pressure, injection rate, ejection type choice, cylinder paragraphs temperature monitoring, the adjustment of the injection pressure and back pressure, etc. General screw injection molding machine molding process is: first, add the granular or powdered plastic barrel, and with the rotation of the screw and barrel outer wall heating make plastic molten state, then the machine forward, clamping and injection nozzle with mold gate way, then to the injection cylinder pressure oil of our factory, make the screw to move forward, thus at high pressure and fast speed will be within the closed mold injection melting temperature is low, after a certain time and pressure maintenance ( Also known as the holding) , cooling, make its curing, can open mold to take out the products, The holding of the purpose is to prevent cavity in the reverse flow of the molten material, supplementary material within the cavity, and ensure that products have a certain density and size tolerance) 。 Injection molding is the basic requirement of plasticizing, injection and molding. Plasticizing is the precondition for the implementation and ensure the quality of molding products, to meet the requirements of molding, injection must ensure that there is enough pressure and speed. At the same time, because of the high injection pressure, corresponding to a high pressure in the cavity, The average pressure inside the cavity generally between 20 ~ 45 mpa) , so you must have enough clamping force. Thus, mould device of injection device and is the key to the injection molding machine parts. To the evaluation of plastic products, mainly has three aspects: the first is the appearance quality, including integrity, color, luster, etc; The second is the accuracy of the size and the relative position between; The third is to use the corresponding physical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, etc. The quality requirements and according to different products use occasions, the requirements of the scale is different. The defect of products mainly lies in the mold design, manufacture precision and degree of wear and tear, etc. But, in fact, plastic processing factory technical personnel often suffer from mould defects face with technology means to offset the problems and difficulties of washout. Finally, the injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that in the process of injection molding machine production process adjustment is the necessary way to improve the quality of products and production. As the injection molding cycle is very short, if the process conditions to master is bad, waste will be endless. In the adjustment process, change one the best conditions for observation a few times more, if the pressure, temperature, time, all together, very easy to cause confusion and misunderstanding, is out of the question and I don't know dangyang. Adjust the process there are a variety of measures and means. For example: solve the problem of products note discontent is more than a dozen possible solutions, to choose the solution problem of one, two main problems, to solve the problem. In addition, still should pay attention to the relationship between syndrome differentiation in the solution. For example, products in the sag, sometimes to improve material temperature, sometimes to lower temperature; Sometimes to increase capacity, or to reduce the shoes. To admit that the feasibility of reverse measures to solve the problem.
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