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What is injection molding machine and energy saving mechanism of vertical injection molding machine?

by:Hisson     2020-09-28
What is the injection molding machine and energy saving institutions? It has the characteristics of different? Then by vertical injection molding machine factory for you. 1. Injection molding machine has its own thought: energy-saving actuator is an important aspect of vertical injection molding machine and energy saving. Enforcement agencies mainly injection molding machines and mold of two parts. In this paper, corresponding to several kinds of energy saving injection molding machine performance and the application of the actuator are discussed in details the analysis and research, each energy-saving actuator has its specific application object, should be based on the performance of the whole machine, injection molding products of technology, research and development and manufacturing level, because of the appropriate mechanism, due to the factory according to the application of energy saving of the actuator form, improve the performance of the whole machine, and according to the development of the injection molding technology, continuously develop energy-saving injection of actuators. 2. Toggle clamping mechanism and energy saving further research topics: development and application of toggle lever mechanism is a major progress of clamping mechanism and energy saving, hydraulic cylinder clamping cylinder applied oil gas valve is fully hydraulic energy conservation science and technology progress. But further study of energy-saving energy-saving advanced institutions, lack of in-depth study. To toggle clamping of the hydraulic driving system, for example, toggle lever mechanism of energy saving is certain. Toggle lever mechanism energy consumption characteristics of main performance of energy consumption in the clamping cylinder P ( Working pressure) 吗? Q( Work flow) Value, these two parameters is incarnated in the clamping cylinder bore and piston stroke, on the parameters of the determination of the two parameters related to toggle system stiffness and parameters directly related, stiffness by the geometric parameters of the parts, this is how to achieve energy saving the best match between the clamping cylinder bore and piston stroke volume of minimum, also did not see results.
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