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'What is the injection molding machine, what can it produce? 'Today, Xiao Bian will give you a brief explanation of what an injection molding machine is

by:Hisson     2020-04-20
Injection molding machines are all called injection molding machines. It is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses plastic molding dies to make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into plastic products of various shapes. According to the structure, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. Injection molding machine is usually composed of seven systems, namely injection system, mold closing system, hydraulic transmission system, control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, and safety monitoring system. To complete a plastic product, clamping is the first step. The mold closing system is mainly responsible for the opening and closing of the mold and the ejection of the product, and provides sufficient and stable pressure during the closing process of the mold to prevent the mold from being stretched and produce bad products. After the mold is closed, it is necessary to inject the heated product raw materials into the mold. The function of the injection system is to heat and plasticize a certain amount of plastic raw materials, and then inject the molten plastic into a prepared mold through a screw under a certain pressure and speed, keep the mold set. After the mold is cooled to a suitable temperature, the product is ejected by the mold closing system. At this point, a plastic product is finished. Of course, several other systems need to work closely together during this period. The hydraulic system is mainly responsible for transmitting power to meet the pressure, temperature, speed and other requirements required by each link. The control system is the brain of the whole machine, which controls the program actions of the whole link. The lubrication system can lubricate various parts and reduce the wear rate of parts. The heating and cooling system ensures the temperature requirements of each link. The safety monitoring system provides safety guarantee for the whole production. Well, to understand the structural principle of the injection molding machine, the next small series will introduce to you what injection molding machines can be used to produce in combination with several existing models. 1- 1 products that can be produced by disc vertical injection molding machine: Various pipes and pipe fittings, seals, valves and various chemical equipment parts. All kinds of switches, sockets, coil skeletons, shells of mechanical and electrical products, lighting, etc. Parts of automobiles, ships and other vehicles in the transportation industry, accessories of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens and electric cookers in the home appliance industry. All kinds of mechanical parts in the mechanical instrument industry such as structural parts, gears, cams, bearings, instrument panels, housings, etc. 2- 1 standard vertical injection molding machine can produce products: 3- 1 products that can be produced by Type C vertical injection molding machine: knowledge about injection molding machine products will be introduced here first. In fact, most of the plastic products in our daily life are completed through injection molding machines. Due to limited space, xiaobian will not list them one by one. Ningbo Haisen Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd. has many other types of injection molding machines, such as two-color double-material injection molding machines, Bakelite (BMC/DMC) Vertical injection molding machine, special vertical injection molding machine without Guide column for sealing strip, turret vertical injection molding machine, super-large two-plate vertical injection molding machine, etc. If your friends are interested in it, you can go to the official website of Ningbo Haisen Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd for details.
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