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What kind of vertical injection molding machine with feeding way

by:Hisson     2020-07-13
Vertical injection molding machine for injection molding, the first to have material for injection molding processing, for the addition of material, there are several ways, today we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is about several kinds of charging ways with you for a simple explanation. Charging for the standard of vertical injection molding machine there are three ways: after charging, charging and fixed before charging. This feeding ways choice is often done according to the circumstance of nozzle and the material selection, check way of loading. 1. Before charging: each injection, plasticizing reached a preliminary model standard, after injection of seat back, until the next work cycle and to go forward, make the nozzle and mold in contact, for injection. This way for the nozzle temperature not easy control and high back pressure, prevent backflow, etc. 2. Charging: after injection of complete injection is back, and then to carry on the forecast model, at the start of the work for the next cycle, injection to proceed injection. The charging mode is mainly applied to the nozzle temperature is not easy to control and processing clean plastic. 3. Fixed loading: this way of feeding its characteristic is in the whole process of injection molding is the nozzle and mould has maintained contact. This way yo live ah is applied to the nozzle temperature easy to control and plastic molding has a wide temperature range. For vertical injection molding machine operation in the process of charging way today we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is introduced here, want to know more heterogeneous about the content of the mechanical vertical injection molding machine, please enter the url: to understand.
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