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What should we do with vertical injection molding machine mould voice big?

by:Hisson     2020-08-09
Mechanical today bring you loudly when vertical injection molding machine mould processing methods: 1, the proportion of linear differential pressure flow control bad time position, combining a model check oblique rise fall in the parameters, adjust the parameters of the oblique rise fall. 2, check the elder brother Lin Zhu, junior feet slip, machine hinge lubrication situation, increasing lubrication, increase the number of preview, poor lubrication may be clamping machine hinge. 3, check whether the mould clamping force is too large, check the force when the mould clamping force, according to the condition of the user product reduce clamping force, check whether the time position is appropriate. 4, check the head plate junior parallelism, head of junior parallelism deviation. Adjust the junior, head plate parallel error. 5, slow rapid mould setting position is too small, too fast. Check the slow mould rapid mould proper position, slowly open mold speed is too fast. Extended slowly open mould position, reduce the speed of the slow open mould. Hope our mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturers, today to tell everyone about this little experience can help to you. We focus in 16 years vertical injection molding machine, can bring you more and more rich machine, have need can go to our website!
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