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What vertical injection molding machine PLC control system of vertical injection molding machine is the best?

by:Hisson     2020-09-05
Since the late 1950 s in China research and development to produce their own after the first vertical injection molding machine, injection molding machine in our country started the booming period. So, what kind of control system is the best so far? The following is ours to explain to you. Vertical injection molding machine control system based on controller as the core unit, with all kinds of electrical appliances, electronic components, heating, flame state a closed system, photoelectric switch, etc. System can be used manually, semi-automatic and fully automatic way to complete the various procedures specified action. General is controlled by the PLC control system, or a single chip microcomputer, is connected to the touch screen to finish all kinds of the input of the program. Control system after receive the instruction, can according to the conditions of the automatic control of all electrical units, so as to complete the control of the vertical injection molding machine, let processing without the need for human control, is the cornerstone of the development of the modern processing industry. The best vertical injection molding machine control system is now A mitsubishi PLC, panasonic PLC, Germany's Siemens PLC, A - the United States B, GE and so on, the reliability of PLC control system is very high, resistance to interference, is one of the best electric control system of large mechanical equipment.
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