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What vertical silicone injection molding machine is for

by:Hisson     2020-07-08
Mention plastic believe that a lot of people know what it is, but said vertical silicone injection molding machine may have a lot of people have no idea, so what vertical silicone injection molding machine is used for? Vertical silicone injection molding machine mainly to thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products, more applied to all kinds of precise instrument parts processing. Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer brand on the vertical characteristics of silicone injection molding machine has the following conclusion: 1. Diversified oil system design ( Half closed, full close, servo, or high speed injection molding) Can meet the needs of the customers, can extend the program design, and the automatic flush, remove equipment wires, to achieve automatic operation. 2. Vertical four-column direct pressure clamping and vertical injection, Chinese/English electronic control, full screen, double proportional pressure and flow rate control, mechanical structure optimization, smooth operation, fast speed. 3. Board, floor adopts ball is cast iron. Connect parts of steel belt segregation. With lubricating oil hole, greatly reducing the skateboard wear, small deformation, increase the service life of the skateboard and accuracy. 4. Plunger can be used in accordance with the different skateboard collocation, and can be adjusted freely. Ejection force between the speed and demoulding, thimble number can also be in accordance with the need to set in advance. 5. Two-mode no skateboarding, adopt dual mode about sliding alternately, a mould, a mould embedded in the external work, high safety, can increase productivity 30% 50%.
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