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When the die failure, vertical injection molding machine and effective solution

by:Hisson     2020-12-21
With the continuous development of economy, more and more demand for vertical injection molding machine. But when the vertical injection molding machine in the process of use, there are some incorrect operation or is not in a timely manner maintenance can lead to the failure. Below we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer brand together with you to get to know when the vertical injection molding machine adjustable die appeared fault should be how to solve? There are several ways. 1. Wire clamp and adjustable die gap is too small. Adjustments will clearance ( Clearance & le; 0. 05 m m) ; 2. Mechanical level and parallel super poor. This problem is mainly in view of the large unit, for small units is not big, the influence of the horizontal and parallel set is ok; 3. Burn to the nut. Whether the nut because of fever have dropped out of iron powder, just for the nut replacement; 4. The I/O board. Electronic board maintenance; 5. If the cause of the motor is for inspection or repairs. 6. Top and bottom plate is adjusted. To adjust; 7. The variable valve core. Removed for inspection and cleaning. For when the die failure, vertical injection molding machine what measures to take to solve this problem, if still have doubts, please click & other; Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer & throughout; 。
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