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When there is noise fault vertical injection molding machine, how should solve?

by:Hisson     2020-07-03
When there is noise fault vertical injection molding machine, will produce the reason analysis and method of an oil pump, vertical injection molding machine noise vibration fault reasons: 1. Vertical injection molding machine oil pump motor install different heart. 2. Even the axis, loose. 3. Oil pump internal fault. 4. Oil level is too low, from oil screen or joint connection to inhale air into the oil. 5. From the motor shaft in inhaled air. 6. The oil plug oil screen. 7. Loose vertical injection molding machine return pipe inhaled air or tubing in oil on the surface, mixed with air in the oil. Method: 1. Concentricity should be set to 0. Less than 1 mm. 2. Fixed shafts. 3. Repair or replace the oil pump. 4. Increases the amount in the filter oil classes more than 400 mm and the joint position. 5. Change the rotation shaft sealing ring. 6. Cleaning oil screen, filter oil. 7. Cleaning oil screen, filter oil. 8. Locking return pipe road, will machine, vertical injection molding return pipe extended to the oil under the surface. Second, the cause of vertical injection molding machine motor noise fault: 1. Vertical injection molding machine motor bearing damage. 2. Motor winding fault. 3. Vertical injection molding machine motor wiring error, the system pressure rises, the noise increased. Method: 1. Replace the connecting bearings. 2. Replace or repair the motor. 3. With reference to the wiring diagram wiring again. Third, total pressure valve noise ( The overflow valve) 1. The overflow valve before the pilot valve cavity is memory is air. 2. The overflow valve the main valve heart damping hole by oil contamination jams. 3. A pilot valve and valve seat with strain is not closed. 4. Spring deformation or wrong. 5. Remote control oil flow rate is too large. 6. Vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil viscosity too low or too high. 7. Resonate with loop components. Method: 1. Strengthen the vertical injection molding machine, sealing lifting debugging repeatedly several exhaust pressure. 2. Wash the body, make the damping hole. 3. Repair or replacement. 4. Maintenance and replacement of spring. 5. Reduce the mouth flow of remote control. 6, replace the oil. 7, other components pressure setting cannot be close to the overflow valve pressure setting. Four, the hydraulic oil cylinder 1 noise. The oil mixed with air or air line do not completely in the hydraulic cylinder, under the effect of high pressure to produce cavitation caused larger noise. At this point, must be timely exhaust air. 2. Vertical injection molding machine cylinder head oil seal too tight or piston rod bend, in the process of movement will be don't strength and noise generation. At this point, must be timely replace oil seal or alignment of the piston rod. Five, the pipeline noise vertical injection molding machine line noise usually because of hydraulic line die bending caused by too much or fixed card set loose. Therefore, in the hydraulic line department online try to avoid a dead corner, timely check card set of elastic.
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