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Why don't the disc injection molding machine clamping of injection molding machine factory

by:Hisson     2020-11-16
Disc injection molding machine clamping, first to see if the clamping pressure gauge in the high pressure condition, how to not stick to the electromagnetic valve is normal, normal electromagnetic valve that is the problem of the circuit, the normal is the problem of oil. Oil problem can be the first check valve is stuck, in addition to see is there pressure oil cylinder oil seal. The system pressure maximum can achieve much, if will not be able to rise on a value, can be proportional valve stuck, the output of the computer board if you have any questions? Here, the injection molding machine factory introduce you don't have what kind of clamping of the problem. Mode-locked problem there are many kinds of, the following is a common problem! 1, check to see if the safety switch in place, such as the safety door is closed. 2, check to see if the disc is already in place, and had been positioning, positioning the switch signal. 3, began to start switch and safety is effective. 4, the electromagnetic valve if there is a transition.
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