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Why the surface of vertical injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine products strip lines?

by:Hisson     2020-09-04
In the process of vertical injection molding machine factory, why the surface of strip lines? In fact, because in the ancient city of injection production in evidence. So, what is the cause of appear in evidence? Next by vertical injection molding machine factory to answer for you. Products flow mark a variety of reasons, but ultimately materials within the vertical injection molding machine mold due to poor liquidity, in vertical injection molding machine, mold venting is not good, or in the mold design when the surface is bright and clean enough, these factors will hinder the rubber in the flow of time is blocked, so there will be a flow mark. Another one is injected in the vertical injection molding machine, rubber don't get enough impetus, appear flowing ability is not enough, in this case, there is also a factor is in the certain conditions, the injection pressure of different materials in different temperature or viscosity is too high, resulting in rubber is compulsive in vertical injection molding machine mold flow, material appeared because of the crowded around examine flow mark. Vertical injection molding machine factory for this situation, to raise the temperature of gun barrel, to increase the temperature of the material, to release the liquid material, mold temperature will improve to avoid material appropriate too fast cooling. Water temperature of the cooling water, piping, etc. Also want to improve, to ensure that the end temperature appropriate, material also can flow very well. Other and improve the injection pressure and speed of the vertical injection molding machine, give rubber more kinetic energy, promote flow.
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